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MacIver’s Hakka-English Dictionary

There are two versions of this work online, the earlier 1905 publication was revised and expanded, later published in 1926. In the first edition, under the same Chinese character heading, words and phrases in Hakka are listed together. In the second edition, much of the vocabulary that did not begin with the lead character was either deleted or moved elsewhere. From a learner’s point of view, it is always nice to see a character in a phrase being used in context, which is why the 1905 edition is as good if not better for the learner of Hakka.

  1. The online 1905 edition.
  2. Index of pages to the 1926 edition, overhauled by McKenzie

宋本廣韻 Sung⁴ Bun³ Gong³ Yun⁴

The Sung⁴ Dynasty work Gong³Yun⁴ (Mandarin : Song Ben Guang Yun) is available online. Characters are placed in one of four tone classes according to rhyme then initial. The first Middle Chinese tone characters are split into two volumes, whilst the other three volumes

  1. 上平聲 Song⁴ Pin² Sang¹
  2. 下平聲 Ha⁴ Pin² Sang¹
  3. 上聲 Song⁴ Sang¹
  4. 去聲 Hi⁴ Sang¹
  5. 入聲 Ngip⁶ Sang¹

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