Hakka Dialect of Hong Kong 香港客家話

學 講 香 港 客 家 話
hɔk₅ kɔŋ₃₁ hiɔŋ₃₁ kɔŋ₃₁ hak₃ ka₃₃ ʋa₅₃
Hok⁶ Gong³ Hiong¹ Gong³ Hak⁵ Ga¹ Va⁴
Learn to Speak the Hakka Dialect of Hong Kong

List of Contents

Hakka Language

References and Bibliography
A blog for 香港客家方言 the Hong Kong Hakka Dialect
Pear Stories
The Hakka First Person Pronoun
Mid Autumn Festival
㜷 as a Hakka for “mother”
Tone representation
A Shorthand notation for discussing Chinese dialects
Two Registers of the Shang Tone in the Datang Dialect of Hakka
an : thus
In-syllable tone spelling for Hakka.
Kung Yung 孔融
Hakka au/o readings explained wrt Guangyun
Syllable pronunciation changes
Yung2 Ga1 Ma2 – The She-Grizzly

Hakka in Books

A Grammar and Lexicon of Hakka
Hakka Dictionary MacIver 1926
Hakka-French Dictionary – Charles Rey, Online
Bernard Arthur Mervyn Mercer
Shellabear’s Triglot Vocabulary (English, Malay, Chinese=Hokkien and Hakka)
Beginning Hakka, (by A Maryknoller, Maryknoller House. 1948) – Available Online
客家語基礎語彙集 – 温戴奎
客家語会話練習帳 – 温戴奎
Lonely Planet China Phrasebook – Good idea ruined by its content
Book: Introduction to Hakka, James M. Drought
Easy Sentences in the Hakka Dialect with a Vocabulary
Four Corner System
Book Repair and Bookbinding


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