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Hakka Language

Sidu Hakka Kin Terms

The regional dialects can differ greatly in vocabulary, and this can clearly be heard in kin terms. Our look at Sidu 四都 Hakka might interest the reader. An older sister in other Hakka dialects is (A1 Zia3 亞姐, all usual … Continue reading

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Book: Introduction to Hakka, James M. Drought

I have looked forward to reading this for some time. Now I have it before me, I can review it for you. There are several good things about Drought’s Introduction to Hakka (1926) though, firstly it is a text that … Continue reading

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Yung2 Ga1 Ma2 – The She-Grizzly

It has been 18 years, almost to the day, since I posted up a copy of a Hakka tale about a creature which ate children, called the Yung2 Ga1 Ma2. Following a query on one of the groups I follow, … Continue reading

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Lonely Planet China Phrasebook – Good idea ruined by its content

Lonely Planet Phrasebooks China’s Hakka section is awful. Whilst Moiyen Hakka is nearly universally taken as the Hakka Language paradigm, this book has gone out of it’s way to find a dialect so dissimilar to other Hakka dialects, it has … Continue reading

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Variants from HanYu DaZiDian 漢語大字典 異體字

This is a text dump taken from a saved copy of a file from the now defunct gitorious site. It purports to be a list of Chinese character variants found in the HanYu DaZiDian 漢語大字典, a dictionary of some 70,000+ … Continue reading

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尤雅 — 只要為你活一天

Artist : 尤雅 You Ya Title : 只要為你活一天 Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian : If I can live a day for you. 作詞:劉家昌 ZuoCi : Lyrics by : Liu Jia Chang 作曲:劉家昌 ZuoQu : Composed by : Liu … Continue reading

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Book Repair and Bookbinding.

I bought a book which was falling apart, but due to its rarity, it seems appropriate to have it rebound. Aldren A. Watson’s Hand Bookbinding, A manual of instruction has been very instructional, coupled with this there are numerous short … Continue reading

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