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Hakka Language

Guangyun data errors (in Polyhedron distribution) uses the data which is easily accessible. Here, the chongniu A/B assignment is wrong. 149 居夷 平 脂見開三 脂A kjii ki 飢机肌虮 158 渠脂 平 脂群開三 脂A gjii gi 鬐𦓀耆愭𧡺𥉙䅲祁𨪌鰭鮨 Both of these should be 149 居夷 平脂見開三 脂B … Continue reading

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Easy Sentences in Hakka – JDB

Easy Sentences in the Hakka Dialect, with a Vocabulary was first published in Hong Kong in 1881. It came about because Ball who was learning to speak Hakka at the time, decided to translate the earlier work Handbook of the … Continue reading

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Ruby text and Hakka

Sometimes, additional information is good to have. In Japanese, they sometimes use ruby text above kanji characters so that the reader can be given the correct reading, as kanji have numerous readings depending on the usage in a sentence. For … Continue reading

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Unicode kTang : Stimson’s Early Middle Chinese

Unicode has had this data field since 1998, yet there has been virtually no information online to explain the details. All you have are a lot of characters with a phonetic transcription. I’ve recently bought Hugh Stimson’s Fifty Five Tang … Continue reading

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English-Hakka Dictionary Online

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Norton has flagged the NTCU site as a security risk. Even though I have reinstated the links, by clicking on any link or links in these webpages, you agree that I will not be responsible for any problems you … Continue reading

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Sidu Hakka Kin Terms

The regional dialects can differ greatly in vocabulary, and this can clearly be heard in kin terms. Our look at Sidu 四都 Hakka might interest the reader. An older sister in other Hakka dialects is (A1 Zia3 亞姐, all usual … Continue reading

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Book: Introduction to Hakka, James M. Drought

I have looked forward to reading this for some time. Now I have it before me, I can review it for you. There are several good things about Drought’s Introduction to Hakka (1926) though, firstly it is a text that … Continue reading

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