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Four Corner System

Wang YunWu (王雲五) was Editor-in-Chief of the Commercial Press publishing house in China. He invented the Four Corner System of indexing Chinese hanzi characters. Between 1926 and 1928, his correspondence with several people, most notably Hu Shi 胡啇, helped to … Continue reading

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Two Registers of the Shang Tone in the Datang Dialect of Hakka.

Hitherto, all the literature I’ve read on Hakka agreed that the Middle Chinese Shang Tone characters is preserved intact in all Hakka dialects. I came across a paper by ZHANG Chusheng 庄初生(Traditional Chinese Characters 莊初升), called 保留阳上调的龙川大塘村客家方言, published by 语言科学 … Continue reading

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A Shorthand notation for discussing Chinese dialects

If Middle Chinese (MC 中古汉语)is the sound system found in the rime dictionaries Qieyun (QY 切韻, 601AD) , Guangyun (GY 廣韻 1008AD), and Jiyun (JY 集韻 1037AD), the four tone categories found there are called P 中古平聲 Middle Chinese Ping … Continue reading

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Hakka-French Dictionary – Charles Rey, Online

Charles Rey DICTIONNAIRE CHINOISE – FRANÇAISDialecte Hac-Ka This edition is found online but for users an index of syllables would make the task easier to find the appropriate page more quickly. This is the reason for the page, like that … Continue reading

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Hakka Dictionary MacIver 1926

[Note: If you encounter problems accessing the dictionary pages in the links below, it is likely down due to mainenance in Taiwan.] A Chinese-English Dictionary. Hakka Dialect. As spoken in Kwang-Tung Province. Donald MacIver, 1926. This is an expanded and … Continue reading

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